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About Jett Brunet

Partial List of Exhibitions:
Has been exhibiting his work at the prestigious invitation only Easton Waterfowl

Festival ever since 1983.

Had the honor of his 1985 World Championships Pairs of Ruddy Ducks exhibited
in the Smithsonian Museum in the spring of 1987

Life sized bald eagle displayed in the lobby of the Tidewater Inn during
the 1991 Easton Waterfowl Festival

Honors and Awards:
He is a 2-time winner for “Most Outstanding Teenage Carver in the World” Awards

1985-Became the youngest World Champion ever at the age of 21

1986-Won Best of Show, at the New Orleans Competition, with a mallard drake
Won the World Championships, with a mallard drake

- Won Decorative Floating Waterfowl Pairs World Championship

1989-Won an unprecedented first, second and third in show in Open Class Floating
Waterfowl, a first in the Ward World Championship
Third in show in Open Class Floating Waterfowl, with “Redhead”
Second in show in Open Class Floating Waterfowl, with “Pintail Drake”
First in show in Open Class Floating Waterfowl, with “Gadwall”

1993- “Best of Show” in 3 different divisions
At the Pacific Flyway Decoy Association Wildfowl Festival, won open best in show with a scaup drake
Won “Best in the West” Service Class decoys with a gadwall
Best of Show Open Decorative Life-size with a green-winged teal hen

1998- First best of show in its division at the Louisiana Wildfowl Festival, with a pintail hen
1989- Special Recognition Award from the South Lafourche Chamber of Commerce

2000- 1st and 2nd Best of Show in the first ever Wildfowl Artist Master Artist Class in
floating waterfowl at the World’s Championships

Won the North American Waterfowl Carving Championships with a pintail hen
Won Reno’s “Biggest Little Carving in the World” with a pintail hen
Won People’s Choice Award in Reno with a pintail hen

Best of Show Award Winner at every level of the World’s Championships: Novice, Intermediate,
Open and Masters. Jett has a record of winning 14 consecutive “Best of Show” awards in

Floating Waterfowl Competition at major
Wildfowl shows throughout the country. Record achieved twice.
He won 5 consecutive “Best of Show” awards in the
Service Decoy Class at the North American Carving Championship in each year of eligibility.
To date, he has won 38 out of the last 41 Best of Show awards in which he entered in

Floating Waterfowl Competition at its highest level.

He is a frequent judge in competitions across the country, and for the past 15
years had been at the leading edge of Decorative Waterfowl Art.

In the press:
Has appeared with his work in National Geographic Magazine and also
National Geographic Explorer (television program)